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Why you should use adventure tours Costa Rica programs?

palo verde boat tour costa rica

Travelling to Costa Rica has become one of the most popular activities among tourists. At this amazing country, you can get to do a lot of magnificent activities, visit many beautiful locations, enjoy from an adventure, and much more things. Without any doubts, Costa Rica will give you everything what you need in order to be happy and have a great adventure. With adventure tours Costa Rica programs, you can easily travel all around Costa Rica without a problem. If you want to know more about this, we strongly suggest you to keep reading.

Costa Rica is a beautiful tropical country located at Centro America that has many great things to offer. From magnificent beaches with great activities to do, to many beautiful national parks full of biodiversity. Without any doubts, here at Costa Rica you will always be finding a new place to visit, a new activity to do, and more.  In case that you are looking for a good adventure, Costa Rica is the right place to visit.

Around all of this magnificent country you can find many Costa Rica tours that can take you to the best places. These tours are the best thing that you can hire in order to travel around Costa Rica. With tour programs like the ones that you will be finding, you can easily visit all of Costa Rica. There are no doubts that renting a tour program is the best way to have the best experience.

Either alone or with your family, visiting Costa Rica will be a magnificent experience. There are many private tours Costa Rica programs that offer their services for big groups of tourists. These are the best thing to hire for you.

Where to find the best adventure tours Costa Rica programs?


Due to the high number of tourists visiting Costa Rica each day, there have been more and more tour programs. You can easily find tour programs around Costa Rica using internet and such. Or either, you can easily go to specific places of Costa Rica and rent tour programs once you are there.

But, we strongly suggest you to rent your Costa Rica tours programs before travelling there. Thanks to this, you will have everything ready once you arrive. By doing this, you will avoid headaches regarding your travels. Also, a god thing about tour programs, is that they can help you to plan your travels.

palo verde boat tour costa rica

One of the best private tours Costa Rica programs that you can rent is El Viejo Westland tour company. This amazing tour company service is located at Palo Verde National Park. This is one of the most visited national parks by tourists of all of Costa Rica. El Viejo Westland offers a wide variety of amazing tours all around Costa Rica. There are no doubts that they will be a huge advantage for every tourist trying to have an adventure. Some of the best thing about El Viejo Westlands tours, are the followings:

  • Great touristic guides that will totally take care of you and your family or friends.
  • Giving you help regarding the planification of your travel to Costa Rica.
  • Guiding you to which places around the country are the best ones for you the visit.
  • Plan your transport and other activities such as river boat tours.

Thanks to all of these things that El Viejo Westlands has to offer, you can enjoy of Costa Rica. There are no doubts that you will totally be in love with everything what this country has to offer.

What can you do with adventure tours Costa Rica programs?


After renting private tours Costa Rica programs, you will have access to many advantages. From visiting the most amazing national parks, to enjoying from all the beaches Costa Rica has to offer. Tour programs are the best way for tourists to be able to live unforgettable moments. There are no doubts that with a tour program, your travels around Costa Rica will be easier.

costa rica adventure tour

Inside Costa Rica you will find out that there are many great activities that you can do. From travelling to the best places and national parks, to enjoying night parties and bars or beach clubs. This country will always have something new to offer for you. Some of the best activities that you can do while being at Costa Rica, are the followings:

  • Having boat trips around amazing rivers inside Palo Verde National park.
  • Going to some of the best beaches of Costa Rica and having a relaxing day.
  • Fishing at some of the most beautiful lakes and rivers around Costa Rica.
  • Visiting the amazing Guanacaste Museum and learning more from this country.
  • Going to different towns, interesting points or spots around the country.
  • Getting an ATV tour trough some of the best landscapes of Costa Rica.

Those are some of the many different things that tourists can do here at Costa Rica. Without any doubts, you will totally love these opportunities. Costa Rica will give you everything what you need to have a great adventure.

Private tours Costa Rica

With private tours Costa Rica programs, you will easily have access to all of these amazing things. If you truly want to enjoy from an adventurer experience, you will need to rent one of these tours.

El Viejo Westlands tour company is the best tour company that you can rent in order to visit Palo Verde National Park.

Where else could you go?


As we have mentioned before, this is an amazing country full of opportunities. At this magnificent country you will have many amazing and beautiful places to visit. Costa Rica is a truly gem of a tropical country, and it has many great national parks and beaches. Some of the best places where you can go while being here at Costa Rica, are:

Those are locations that tourists mostly like to visit while being here at Costa Rica. Don’t miss these opportunities and rent Costa Rica tours in order to enjoy from all of the amazing things.