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Tours around Humedal la Bolsa at Palo Verde National Park

Palo Verde National Park

Costa Rica is a beautiful country located at Centro America where you can easily have some really nice vacations. There is a beautiful place at Palo Verde National Park called Humedal la Bolsa where you can have some really nice moments with your family. Overall, Costa Rica is the kind of country where you can easily have some of the best experiences of your life. There are no doubts that here at Costa Rica, you will be living a true adventure.

When travelling around Costa Rica, is going to be better if you find private tours Costa Rica programs. Thanks to these kinds of services, you can easily have an amazing experience. Either alone or with your family, having an adventure around Costa Rica is going to be epic. Having these kinds of adventures with your family or friends, is going to be something that you will never forget.

Humedal la Bolsa is one amazing place of Costa Rica where you can actually have a beautiful experience. In case that you are the kind of people that likes exploring around the world, this is a good place. At this beautiful location you can get to know some magnificent places, take amazing pictures, and more.

In order to enjoy from this country, renting private tours Costa Rica services is a must. Thanks to these services you can actually visit the best locations around Costa Rica. Up next, you can have more information about all of this magnificent place.

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How to visit the beautiful Humedal la Bolsa at Palo Verde National Park?


In case that you wish to travel around Costa Rica, getting on Costa Rica tours programs is the best thing to do. Renting a tour is, without doubts, the best way to enjoy from this country. You will be totally allowed to travel all around Costa Rica and visit the best places. Here at Costa Rica, you will definitely be having many amazing activities to do.

With all of the amazing things that you can do here at Costa Rica. It is going to be a good idea to have someone to guide you around all of the magnificent places. Right now, having a Costa Rica tours programs, is a great advantage for all the tourists. With a great tour, you can easily get to know the best and most amazing parts of Costa Rica. Some of the best things about renting a tour, are the following facts:

  • You will have someone to guide you all around this magnificent country and teach you about it.
  • No needing to worry about getting lost around Costa Rica.
  • Being able to visit the best beaches and national parks that Costa Rica has to offer.
  • Participating on different kinds of activities all around Costa Rica.

If you truly want to enjoy from all of this magnificent thing, using Hacienda El Viejo Westlands tours is going to be a good choice. This is an amazing tourist attraction located at Palo Verde National Park. It counts with years of experience and a ton of totally capacitated guides. With a tour like this, you can easily visit the best locations of Costa Rica.

boat tours guanacaste costa rica

Costa Rica tours like El Viejo Westlands are your best choice to travel around this country. If you want to enjoy from Palo Verde National park, using this tour is a must.

What can you do at Humedal la Bolsa?


Humedal La Bolsa is a beautiful location inside Palo Verde National park where you can get a nice experience. Here, at this beautiful place, you can actually have an amazing opportunity to live a great adventure. With Costa Rica tours programs like El Viejo Westlands, you can easily visit this place.

Actually, Hacienda El Viejo Westlands has its main office here at Palo Verde National Park. They are a tour company that specifically specializes on giving tours around these locations inside the national park. Thanks to this, you can easily visit these spots and enjoy from an adventure.

Thanks to the many opportunities that this country has to offer, you will be able to do a lot of things. Costa Rica is a country well known for its tourists for having the capacity to keep you busy. There are many amazing activities that you can do at this beautiful place called Humedal la Bolsa. Some of the best things that you can do, are the following:

  • Have an amazing river tour and enjoy from the beautiful views that the place has to offer.
  • Get into a boat ride and having a great and unforgettable experience.
  • Enjoy from one of the best adventure trips Costa Rica has to offer.
  • Take beautiful pictures of the biodiversity and all the magnificent locations.

river tour

Humedal La Bolsa is truly a great place to visit and an opportunity to live some amazing moments. Here at this place you will totally love all the amazing activities and locations.

If you really want to take this kind of Costa Rica tours, El Viejo Westlands tour company is the best choice for you. They will give you everything what you need in order to enjoy from this place.

What else should you know?


There are no doubts that Costa Rica is the best place that you can be if you want to have an adventure. With Costa Rica tours programs you can enjoy from the most beautiful places of this country. It counts with a wide variety of opportunities for tourists in order to live some great moments. Here at Costa Rica, finding a beautiful place and a great activity to do, won’t be a problem at all.

El Viejo Westlands is the best tour company if you want to visit Palo Verde National Park. This is also one of the most visited national parks by tourists of all Costa Rica. If you want to fully enjoy this mark, renting private tours Costa Rica will be a great option. With that, you will be having a great advantage as a tourists.