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Costa Rican Boat Tours & Experiences


Savor the Splendors: Hacienda el Viejo Tours with a Culinary Twist

Embark on an enchanting adventure with Hacienda el Viejo’s curated tours. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of history, culture, and natural beauty as our expert guides lead you through the heart of this exquisite estate. From the rhythmic beats of traditional music to the lush landscapes that whisper tales of the past, our tours promise an unforgettable experience that captures the essence of Hacienda el Viejo. What’s more, each tour experience includes a delectable lunch at La Casona, a National Heritage site, where you can savor the flavors of the region and indulge in the charm of this historic locale.

Who We Are

Embarking on a journey where history and culture converge is possible at Hacienda El Viejo, designated a National Heritage site in 2023. Here, one can experience a captivating blend of the past and present while uncovering the authentic essence of local culture.

Visitors can delve into cultural tours and discover the vibrant tapestry of Costa Rican traditions, from typical cuisine and exquisite dishes prepared over an open flame to the process of transforming sugarcane into premium rum.

This distinguished hacienda offers everyone the opportunity to explore our national heritage through a series of unforgettable tours.

What We Offer

We’ve chosen to unveil the splendors of El Viejo Wetlands to fellow nature enthusiasts, fostering a shared appreciation for this breathtaking sanctuary and securing the enduring sustainability of our Wildlife Refuge. Presently, we present an array of experiences, from immersive wetland tours and the captivating rum-making journey to diverse cultural tastings. Our Costa Rica boat tours provide a scenic river ride along the Tempisque River, tracing the edge of Palo Verde National Park. Each tour thoughtfully includes a delightful lunch, ensuring that we not only fill your eyes with the beauty of Costa Rica but also your stomachs and hearts with its rich offerings! Join us in exploring the wonders of El Viejo Wetlands.

Who We Are

We are a Costa Rican family whose principles are based on the conservation of the flora & fauna and a respect for nature. We decided to allocate almost 5000 acres to create a Private Wildlife Refuge with the sole aim of protecting the habitat of many species of colorful birds, reptiles, amphibians and mammals, and also a wide diversity of flora. These areas are destined to become a sanctuary for native wildlife and  for the enjoyment of many generations to come!

What We Offer

We decided to open the Refuge to the nature lovers in order to share this magnificent wonderland called El Viejo Wetlands with all of them and ensure the sustainability of our Wildlife Refuge. Currently we offer tours around the wetlands, the rum experience, the diverse cultural tasting, and our Costa Rica boat tours that include the river ride over the Tempisque River along the margin of Palo Verde National Park. All of our tours conveniently include lunch too, because we make sure that we fill your eyes, your stomachs, and your hearts with what Costa Rica has to offer!!

Guests Love the Beauty & Wildlife of the Refuge!

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"A wonderful place surrounded by nature, without a doubt I would return again and again. We did the Recreational MTB and the experience was great. The exquisite dresser and the staff gives you personalized attention. I will be back!"

– ezamoram92 | TripAdvisor
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Food, coffee and good times!

"In short, it is a good place, the house is beautiful, the staff bilingual and very pure life. Perhaps the prices are a bit high for some things (food for example), but it is a place to appreciate, walk and also really enjoy. Ideal to learn about sugar cane and cross the cultivation area, then if you have the opportunity to go to the refuge !! See a jabiru! And other animals... And of course a must visit the Tempisque River."

– Javier S. | TripAdvisor
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"We discovered this impressive place on the way to our boat tour to Palo Verde. I would like to emphasize that we were well received on our arrival. Now I would like to comment on the house where we enjoyed a delicious lunch accompanied by the impressive views of the area. Do not hesitate to visit this great site!"

– mnzamora | TripAdvisor
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"You arrive at an old cattle ranch (today a sugar cane farm), very well maintained. Precious. From there you take a boat tour on the Tempisque River, to spot wildlife. Awesome. Very good guide. We saw crocodiles, monkeys, birds of many kinds, iguanas, bats and much more. It's like going to Animal Kingdom, but with real animals!! You learn a lot. I recommend taking the tour at low tide, which is when most of the animals come out. Afterwards we had lunch at the farm. Excellent buffet of homemade food."

– Rainer S. | TripAdvisor
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Excellent Ride!

"We went as a family (10 people with children). We did a boat tour on the Rio Tempisque. The guide did everything in Spanish-English because there was also a family of Americans. Excellent tour and explanation. All the staff at the Hacienda are very friendly. Very tasty lunch. The places that we could see very beautiful. 100% recommended. Ballast road and in perfect condition."

– Robert Q. | TripAdvisor
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History and nature united forever

"The pleasant and friendly attention of the staff, everything from the area, the delicious local food and the scenic beauty are the best. The history of the house and the cane fields gives a magical touch to the site!"

– Roy A. | TripAdvisor