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The Rum Experience

Indulge in the flavors of Costa Rica!

Quick Details

Adult Ages 12+
Child Ages 7 to 11 years old

Enjoy a piece of Costa Rica with The Rum Experience in Guanacaste!

Want to know how authentic rum is made? Join us as we discover the whole process of producing high-quality rum from the purest sugarcane!

In the middle of the grass plains of Guanacaste, Hacienda El Viejo is surrounded by sugarcane crops and the most important river in the Blue Zone of Costa Rica, Rio Tempisque. Feel the contact with earth and our roots, prepare your senses as we experience the whole process of producing high quality Rum from our purest sugar cane. View the extracting and cooking of the sugar cane juice in an artisanal way, until you reach the distiller where you will get the first liquors and highest purity.

Relax and enjoy the birds, and peacefulness of the most emblematic haciendas of the last century in the North Pacific of Costa Rica. Magic is on the air while we enjoy the flavors of home-made cuisine, traditional and delightful.