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Biodiversity Experience

Set off an extraordinary adventure!

Quick Details

Adult Ages 12+
Child from 6 to 11 years old

Costa Rica Biodiversity Tours

Set off an extraordinary adventure with our Biodiversity Experience.  This immersive experience is a harmonious blend of natural beauty, ornithological wonders, and the tranquility of wetland ecosystems.


Boat Tour in Palo Verde:Glide along the unspoiled waters of the Tempisque River as our expert guides navigate through the heart of Palo Verde National Park. Witness the untouched beauty of wetlands, learn the importance of mangroves, and lush landscapes while encountering a diverse array of wildlife, including crocodiles, monkeys, and iguanas.

Bird Watching Excursion:Delve into the enchanting world of birdlife with our experienced birdwatching guides. The wetlands of Hacienda El Viejo provide a sanctuary for numerous avian species, offering a captivating spectacle for bird enthusiasts. Keep your binoculars ready to spot vibrant tropical birds and migratory species in their natural habitat.

Wetlands Exploration:Immerse yourself in the serenity of the wetlands, where the rhythmic sounds of nature create a peaceful ambiance. Walk through scenic trails, marvel at the lush flora, and learn about the vital role wetlands play in maintaining ecological balance.

What’s included:

  • Expert-guided boat tour with insightful commentary on the region’s ecology.
  • Birdwatching excursion led by experienced guides.
  • Exploration of the picturesque wetlands, offering a close encounter with nature.
  • Comfortable transportation within the hacienda for seamless transitions between activities.

Why Choose This Combo Tour:

  • The Boat Tour in Palo Verde, Bird Watching & Wetlands combo tour is a curated experience for nature enthusiasts seeking a deeper connection with Costa Rica’s biodiversity. Discover the magic of Palo Verde National Park, witness the elegance of native and migratory birds, and find serenity in the untouched beauty of the wetlands. Join us for an unforgettable journey that celebrates the ecological richness of Hacienda El Viejo.
  • Lunch in La Casona (National Heritage of Costa Rica)
  • Park entrance