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The best Places to visit in Guanacaste with El Viejo Westlands tour company

Palo Verde National Park

When visiting Costa Rica, you will find out that there are many great locations that you can go to. Costa Rica is truly the perfect country where you can either go with your family or friends and have a nice day. Without any doubts, one of the best locations of Costa Rica, is Guanacaste. This is why today we bring you information regarding the best places to visit in Guanacaste. This is going to be possible thanks to the help that El Viejo Westlands tour company can give you.

Travelling to Costa Rica can be one of the easiest ways in order to have a beautiful vacation. With Private tours Costa Rica programs, you can enjoy all of what this country has to offer. Having a tour program will be a really nice advantage when travelling to such an amazing country that is full of great things to do, many gorgeous places to visit, and much more. There no doubts at all that in such a great country like this, you will totally be enjoying a lot.

There are many great locations around this beautiful country that you can visit with a tour. One of the best regions of Costa Rica that you should be visiting during your travels, is Guanacaste. This is one of the most visited areas of Costa Rica by tourists, and a magnificent place full of opportunities. Here at Guanacaste you will be finding many great activities to do, amazing places to have a tour, and much more things.

Up next and with the help and information provided by El Viejo Westlands tour company, you can get to know more about this beautiful region of Costa Rica and enjoy all of it.

Why you should be checking the best places to visit in Guanacaste?


Guanacaste is one gem of a place when it comes to places to visit around Costa Rica. This region of the country has many locations that you can visit with your family or friends. It also provides a good amount of activities that you can do in order to have fun. This region is a perfect place where you can live some of the most epic moments here at Costa Rica.

palo verde tour costa rica

If you are looking to have an unforgettable vacation, then visiting Guanacaste is a must. The place counts with a wide variety of activities, biodiversity, national parks and amazing beaches that you can’t miss at all. With private tours Costa Rica programs, you can easily enjoy from all these things and more. Some of the best places that you can visit while travelling around Guanacaste, are the following:

These are some of the most visited places by tourists that you can find at this beautiful region. Here at Guanacaste you will surely be living some of the most amazing and great adventures. In case that you really want to have a tour around this place, El Viejo Westlands is your choice to go. With this tour company, you can easily get the best private tours Costa Rica adventures.

private boat tour costa rica

Guanacaste itself will offer you the opportunity to join and go many great activities. Thanks to this, you will never be bored while visiting such an amazing place. Some of the most funny and interesting activities that you can do while visiting the province of Guanacaste, are the following:

Where can you can the opportunity to enjoy the best places to visit in Guanacaste?


If you really want to enjoy from all the beauties that Guanacaste has to offer, we have the perfect answer for you. With Hacienda El Viejo Westlands tour company, you can have this opportunity. This amazing tour company has many great private tours Costa Rica programs that you can enjoy.

Located at Palo Verde National Park, this is a great area to start your adventure around Guanacaste. It has the best and most amazing boat trips that you can enjoy here at Costa Rica.

Palo Verde National Park

Many tourists in the past years have been using this tour company to enjoy from Costa Rica. If you really want an amazing Costa Rica adventure vacation, using this tour agency is a must. Some of the best things that El Viejo Westlands has to offer to you, are the following ones:

  • Customized customer support that is always active and ready to help.
  • The most amazing Costa Rica tours around Palo Verde National Park.
  • Great boat tours in Costa Rica that you can’t miss at all.
  • The opportunity to enjoy from private tours Costa Rica services.

Thanks to all of these services, and more, such as an specialized rum catering service, you will totally love it. El Viejo Westlands counts with a wide variety of specialized guides that will help you a lot. Without any doubts at all, you will totally be able to enjoy from an amazing adventure here at Costa Rica.

In case that you are looking for an amazing Costa Rica adventure vacation, here we have the best opportunities. You will truly be living a beautiful and unforgettable experience thanks to this tour agency.

boat tours in costa rica

Don’t miss this great opportunity and rent now your Private tours Costa Rica programs!

Where else could you go?


Guanacaste will truly give you a lot of beautiful and majestic places to visit that you will love. This is the most amazing place where you can have your vacations here at Costa Rica. Some other places that you can visit while being here at Guanacaste, are the following ones:

As you can see, Guanacaste really counts with a wide variety of amazing places. This is the perfect location to have an amazing vacation here at Costa Rica.